Storytelling: The Short Version

Back in the day, growing up playing YMCA basketball, my coach used to call me "Sauce."  "Sauce" was short for Sausage Man, as in, "Hey, Sausage Man!  Gimme some sizzle!"  Well, here's the sizzle.  Enjoy!

Storytelling: The Long Version

These are longer clips or entire projects that I feel showcase the varied styles of storytelling that I have done.  Additional skills showcased and/or roles performed are noted.

Sebastian's Story

I assisted with the editorial on this mini-doc, recently, and got to work with some fantastic filmmakers over at Deidox_Films through their work with The_Chronicle_Project.  

The Journey: Illinois Football

"The Journey: Illinois Football" (Big Ten Network) was a behind-the-scenes look at Fighting Illini football with gameday footage. Responsible for story, music, etc.

Skeeter Bass Champs

The Skeeter Bass Champs Television Show also followed former professional angler and show host Fish Fishburne and his girlfriend, Eve, as they competed on the toughest grassroots circuit in the nation.

ZTE Grand X4:

The Fun Side of You

Video for Cricket Wireless, introducing a new model of ZTE phone, and expanding on "The Four Sides of You" campaign.  Edited footage, created open graphic and manipulated provided supers.  Editorial and graphics.

Fed Up!

Edited multiple episodes of "Fed Up!" for broadcast on Veria Network. "Fed Up!" was a multi-camera, holistic cooking show for which I was responsible for "offlining." Graphics were provided, but all other edit decisions were left up to me. Editorial only.

Adams Golf Open

I provided editorial for this video for an Adams Golf national sales conference.  This was the opening video of the conference.

ZTE JetPack

This video was created for Verizon for use in-store, promoting their hotspot device.  All images were provided in PSDs, and animation was created in After Effects.  Editorial and graphics.


AT&T Latino: Social Media Campaign Launch

This is the launch video for a social media campaign from AT&T Latino and Dieste.  The campaign consisted of four videos encouraging people to engage via social media, using a specific hashtag, during CONCACAF's Copa America soccer tournament.  Several GIFs were also produced, along with a wrap up video.

Skeeter Boats

:30 Real Money Spot

This spot is one among many that I have edited.  There are several promotions that Skeeter Boats run throughout the year, each requiring its own refresh and specific graphic treatment.


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